New Age Now Exhibition Identity

Toying with the intersection of 18th c. Spiritualism and 60s psychedelia, NEW AGE NOW: Art Auction features the works of twelve artists and artworks that use beeswax, photography, spray paint, silkscreen, a salad bowl, mud, terrycloth towel, plastic, indigo dye, duct tape, and birdsnest. Within this alchemical field of materials, we look for the future ad hoc: How can artistic experimentation articulate strategies for collective and long term sustainability? This auction/exhibition is further contextualized by a Transcendental Menu with finger foods specifically prepared for the occasion by artists Brandon Alvendia, Jessica Campbell, Rebecca Mir Grady, Kiam Marcelo Junio, Alyssa Martinez, Eric May, Midnight Kitchen Projects, Kathleen Rooney, and Edra Soto. The typographic identity for this exhibition merges Modern and contemporary type design as well as 1700 Transitional genre in order to produce an edgy identity that reflects the work exhibited throughout the year by Sector 2337 as well as the featured work at the fundraiser event. Featuring Claire Ashley, Rebecca Beachy, Rami George, Sofia Leiby, Heather Mekkelson, Michael Milano, Aay Preston-Myint, Mitsu Salmon, Edra Soto, Hui-min Tsen, Andrew Yang, and Philip von Zweck.