The Fellowshippe of Musickers are an energetic band comprising some of the most highly skilled and exciting young performers from the historical performance and folk scene in the UK. All are classically trained but have strong roots in the folk traditions of their varied countries of origin. Their approach combines rigorous research with pure musical spontaneity. The instruments featured on this album are all reproductions of original instruments which existed at the time the music was composed. 
The band adopts a musical philosophy which encompasses both a well researched and historically pragmatic approach to using the ever expanding range of instruments available to them. Ce Jour De L'an—the first album released by The Fellowshippe of Musickers is a selection of medieval tunes performed in non-traditional methods. The design of the album cover/poster attempts to capture the concept of "the new day”, emphasizing the birth of the universe and the celestial elements. An elaborate typographic grid, based on a five note baseline, seeks to establish a poetic form and order to the printed word; a parallel to the ongoing evolution of the universe.

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